Would you PLEASE keep your language clean!!

Wednesday, 5th July 2017

No Matter What... In It Together!!!

I was thinking the other day about how much we have been groomed to keep our language clean so we don't offend anyone.  If you declare yourself a Christian then you may upset or attract unwanted attention, if you are a Muslim then you may be accused of being a terroist, if you are a feminist then you may be deemed anti-men, if you are part of the LGBT community then you are simply wrong!

What are we like... the more we stay quiet about our personal beliefs and prinicples we hold back from being our truest self.  After pondering this I realised that being so far politically correct keeps you from being your authentic you.  Can we not honor and respect each other in whatever beliefs each one of us hold onto and simply love the diversity in each human being around us.  We dehumanise each other when we label - love is the key here guys and I for one have had enough of being politically correct.

I recently launched a coaching business and have tried to keep my language clean so as not to offend or inhibit someone from approaching me.  But in the process of doing so I can so see that even though I promote and am passionate about people standing in their intrinsic authentic self I have not... How can I take anyone else on such a journey of discovery if I am standing in fear of offending or withholding such a critical part of myself.

So here goes... I'm coming out... I am totally in love with Jesus Christ and I believe with all my heart that He so desires each one of us to know just how much He loves us.  The greatest commandment He ever gave was one to simply love.  So whatever you believe in, whomever you are, my heart is to add value to you, to meet you where you are at and to help you shift an area of your life you want to grow in.  If asked I will share what and whom I believe in but I won't force my beliefs onto you.

Let us move forward together in love, peace and joy with one another.  Religion, faith and a hunger for power and control have so often been the cause of wars and devastation.  Where two or more are gathered and we show love to each other we can make a difference in the world around us... you never know the ripple affect love can have!

Peace x