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Dreams are the renewable energy of the human soul.
Helen Puente
Helen Puente


In The Pink
If you go on the journey with Helen, you will be amazed, greatly encouraged, given the right tools to help yourself, be guided in the right direction, treated with dignity and compassion, ...and you will be cared for All The Way! Trust me, I Know.
Cheryl Oliver, Taupo NZ
Lost It All
I've lost everything, but found myself!
Brad Markham, Taupo, NZ
Karen Scott
The way Helen gently guides you to explore your thoughts and attitudes, her understanding approach that allows you to open up and change in to the person you truly can be. Learning how to take the very best of myself has led on to a pathway of changes in my life I never thought possible. Uncovering lost emotions and inhabiting a newly found world of kindness, happiness and varied experiences that this rich life has to offer. I cannot thank her enough for the sessions and being able to put new building blocks in my life.
Karen Scott, UK
Karen Metcalfe
Helen has helped transform my life!!  So gently shining the light into the deepest parts of my heart, and unlocking those parts, which had been hidden and locked for so many years.  Enabling healing to come and helping me discover who I am, who I am created to be, what I'm passionate about and that being 'me' is ok and that is just what I am called to be, 'me'.
Karen Metcalfe, Pastor C3 Church, Rotorua, NZ
Amanda Gallagher
Months ago I would have told you I was confident in who I was, but it was merely confidence in what was on the surface.  My heart, I realize, is a complex and deep thing, there's obviously some places within my heart I have never been before. I really appreciate Helen holding the lamp that would light the way into the caverns of those places.  I don't think I realized how much she just gently guided me along encouraging me to discover the core of what I love, what I hate, and why I respond the way I do.
Amanda Gallagher, USA
Joel Mackley
Esteban possesses excellent interpersonal skills and has an ability to resonate with people; from all walks of life, which is seldom found. He has played a significant part in shaping and moulding my life to help me be who I am today.
Joel Mackley, Head of Strategy at Virgin Media UK