Mental Wellness Challenge

Friday, 9th November 2018

I love this... it is so true that with some small steps we can see a shift in our mental well-being! I am blessed and frustrated at the same time that more and more people are coming to me with depression and such a lack-lustre sense for life.  I hear that the waiting list to see counselors is so long, there are not enough around... People are being sent away from the doctors after declaring that they are feeling suicidal yet are not given any immediate help! They leave feeling helpless, hopeless and not heard... Sometimes the frustration within just needs to be heard and acknowledged then it can so often be addressed.  Many people come to me, as a Life Coach, looking for a breakthrough. I want to share with simple challenge with you that can have a huge effect in your lives... I pray that this will help in some small way to encourage YOU to be brave and make a step towards improving your state of mind today.